Wide range of excavation services all across Melbourne

Whether your job is big or small, Confined Cut have the experience, equipment and desire to complete your job in a timely fashion. Some of the services we offer include:

  • Site Cuts for your new shed, deck, extension, car parking or entertaining area
  • Trenches for electrical, data, water, gas, sewer, irrigation and open drains
  • Rock & Soil Distribution around your property. Including rock placement as a landscaping feature
  • Landscaping preparation for the DIY gardener
  • Retaining walls from cuts and preparation all the way to full construction of timber & concrete walls.
  • Post Holes for retaining walls, posts, poles, trees and shrubs.
  • Driveway Repairs and Resurfacing
  • Land Levelling to give you more use of your sloping block
  • Clean Ups, post building site cleans or general garden tidy ups


At Confined Earth Moving, we provide full trenching services for electrical or data lines, as well as for gas, sewer, irrigation or open drains. If you need to put something in the ground, we’ll dig it for you!

We take every effort to minimize damage to lawns and gardens as we add the trenches necessary to run important utilities to your home, shed or entertainment area.

Trenches can be dug at depths of up to 1.5 meters, 300mm and 450mm wide.

Site Cuts

If you plan to build a new shed, deck, or entertainment area, or if you are planning an extension to your home, including new car parking areas & driveway extensions you’ll need an excavator for a site cut! We offer full site cut services for those new projects you want to get a start on around your home.

All across Melbourne we can complete your site cuts of small and medium scale.

Contact us today to see how we can help prepare your property for your new addition.

Retaining Walls

Preparing retaining walls requires significant skill and precision to be sure that it i. Long lasting and well draining. Confined Cut Earth Moving offers complete wall preparation, site cuts for preparation and post hole boring. We can also just prepare the site for you and offer advice on how you can complete your own construction if you are a keen DIYer! Alternately, we also offer full construction of timber and concrete walls.

Post Holes

Although it seems to be an easy project for the home handyman, post holes are bloody hard work!

Let us do the hard work for you, our mini excavator with auger attachments can make quick and easy work of your post hole requirements.

We can also provide you with advice on hole depth and width if your post or pole is support for structures such as walls, decks, pergolas and fences.

Post holes widths we can offer are 200, 300, 350 & 450mm and up to a depth of 2 metres!

Landscaping Preparation

Landscaping preparation includes everything necessary to prepare your ground for the final landscaping process. It could require grading, cutting, trenching, rock placement, soil, sand & mulch distribution. We can even dig, drill or trench for the planting of your new gardens.

At Confined Cut Earthmoving, we provide the equipment and experience necessary to prepare your yard for your new landscaping project. We can also provide knowledge and expertise to help you complete your landscaping so that you will have attractive grounds and gardens to enjoy for years to come.

Driveway Repairs

We offer repairs to most types of driveway surfaces. Instead of avoiding that pothole in the drive or simply want to stop stepping in the puddles left in the cracks and crevices after a rainstorm, contact Confined Cut Earth Moving for your driveway repair. We are experienced in repairing driveways using our well-maintained and insured equipment to complete all your repair needs.

Confined cut can also plan and install new drainage to your drive to ensure its long life.

There is no need to watch your driveway wash out every time it rains when we offer the best in fixing those problems and it’s just a phone contact away!

Rock, Sand, Soil & Mulch Distribution

If you are in need of rock or soil distribution on your property, contact us today to see how we can assist. Whether you need large amounts of rock or soil removed or redistributed, or if you need assistance with rock placement as part of your landscaping project, we can help. Our experienced operator can help you choose the best location for rock walls or landscaping designs, and create the rock landscaping look you desire.

Land Levelling & Terracing

Is your yard uneven? Do you have holes and mounds throughout your yard that make it look unsightly? No where to put that trampoline you got the kids for Christmas? Contact Confined Cut today to see how we can help.

With our excavator and experience in levelling and terracing, we can create the smooth & even area that you have wish for.

Confined Cut Earthmoving can even provide terracing services to give your yard an attractive, multi-level appearance that will make you the envy of your neighbours. We offer both full-sized and mini-excavator services so that we can reach those limited access and large areas.

Site & Property Clean Ups

We offer extensive clean-up services for both residential and commercial property. Whether you desire post-construction clean-up, removal of rubbish, or just want a simple garden tidy-up, we have the best machine for the job. Experienced excavator operators will work hard to make your property clean & tidy again.

Contact us today to learn how we can help you clean-up your property.